Beneficial Insects & Birds

by Reid Karris

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This was my first “proper” solo album being that it contains songs that were written for multiple instruments instead of just guitar and noise. The songs were loosely held together until they were presented to Tim. Then I encouraged him to come up with lead and/or extra parts over the rhythm parts I had written. The result is that his parts ended up being in my mind the stand out melodies throughout the recordings. What I enjoyed most about the sessions that produced this music is that I felt like I was giving the direction for Tim and I to elaborate on in an improvisational way more than I was actually writing the music. This is also my only album with vocals, although they are no words. Dave and Jen were brought in and not given much more direction then to just sang what they wanted to over the music. I didn’t let them hear what the others had recorded in an effort to get them to come up with stuff on their own instead of mimicking something that they hear during the take. I will admit that the last track does not have me on it nor was the music directed by me. Instead it was an experiment that Tim and Dave did around the same time that the album was recorded. I felt that it fit well with the rest of the music as well as the off the cuff nature of the sessions. Originally it was included as a secret track but I think that it deserves its own.


released June 1, 2004

All songs written by Reid Karris & recorded by Tim Breen
-Reid Karris – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, noises and feedback
-Tim Breen – keyboards & vocals on track 2, shaker on track 3, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & percussion on track 4, piano & vocals on track 5
-Dave Strand & Jennifer Reeks – vocals on track 2



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Reid Karris Chicago, Illinois

Reid Karris is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound experimentalist and improviser hailing from Chicago Illinois trying very hard to get all the music stuck in his head out for all the world to hear.


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